Chromatic Chronicles: Lipstick Colors Tailored to the Taylor Swift Eras

Chromatic Chronicles: Lipstick Colors Tailored to the Taylor Swift Eras

Taylor Swift's illustrious career has not only been a symphony of musical evolution but also a visual journey through various iconic eras. From the country charm of "Fearless" to the mystical allure of "Midnights," each era brings forth a unique palette of emotions and styles. As we delve into the ideal lipstick shades to capture the essence of every Taylor Swift era, it's worth noting that her remarkable journey includes a historic win at the Grammy's, where she clinched her fourth Album of the Year award, solidifying her status as a musical legend.

Let's explore the ideal lipstick shades to capture the essence of every Taylor Swift era.

Taylor Swift Era - Green and Blue ++ Pale Pink Magic

The eponymous Taylor Swift era, marked by youthful exuberance, is best complemented with green and blue lipstick shades and the iconic pale pink-nud-ish brown-pink lips she's wearing from the album cover. Channel the carefree spirit and energy of this era with these vibrant hues so we can 'Stay Beautiful!'

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Fearless Era - Brown, Yellow, White, and Gold Radiance

Fearless, with its country charm and golden moments, calls for a lipstick palette inspired by earthy browns, cheerful yellows, pure whites, and radiant golds. Imagine being dragged headfirst into a world of caramel, sunflower yellow, and butterscotch bliss – a fearless journey where love stories unfold in creamy ivory, and white horse whisperers meet golden shimmer. These shades seamlessly capture the innocence and golden glow of Taylor's Fearless era, ensuring your makeup routine is a head-turning, fearless experience. You just have to say 'YES'! 

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Speak Now Era - Regal Purple Majesty

The Speak Now era, where Taylor took control of her narrative, is perfectly represented by regal purple lipstick. Embrace the boldness and sophistication of this era with shades that exude royal charm. Let your lips "Speak Now" with the authority of enchanted violets and fearless plums. Whether you're having a "Mean" moment or feeling like a "Story of Us" is about to unfold, these lip colors will make you say, "You are the best thing that's ever been mine." So, paint your world with Speak Now hues, where every lyric becomes a vibrant shade in your own royal story.

Red Era - Passionate Red Elegance

The Red era, drenched in emotions and self-discovery, is embodied by the classic and passionate red lipstick. This timeless choice symbolizes the intensity and depth of Taylor's emotions during this pivotal period. Dive into the hues that mirror the lyrical brilliance of the "Red" album, where "State of Grace" meets velvety crimson, and every "Treacherous" curve is a vibrant scarlet. As you apply these shades, let your lips narrate the saga of love, heartbreak, and the exquisite pain of remembering "All Too Well" with each tender stroke. So, paint your world in the passionate red elegance of the Red era, where every lyric becomes a vibrant shade in your own emotional masterpiece.

1989 Era - Sky Blue and Crisp White Sophistication

Indulge in the 1989 era's pop bliss with lips adorned in sky blue and crisp white sophistication. As you "Shake It Off" with a carefree spirit, let your lips dance to the rhythm of Taylor's chart-topping hits. Paint them in the shade of "Style," where electric blue meets sleek sophistication, mirroring the allure of Taylor's iconic track. With every application, your lips will tell a story as enchanting as "Blank Space," turning each lyric into a vibrant hue. So, embrace the pop transition and let your lips become a canvas, echoing the modern, chic vibes of 1989's sky blue and crisp white elegance.

Reputation Era - Bold Black and Red Rebellion

Step into the dark and mysterious ambiance of the Reputation era with a bold black and red lipstick that commands attention. Channel the edgy and fierce persona Taylor embraced during this period, expressing your rebellious side with shades that resonate with the album's lyrical brilliance. Unleash the power of "Look What You Made Me Do" with a deep black hue that echoes the album's fearless defiance. As your lips speak volumes, let the vibrant red shades tell the story of love, betrayal, and redemption, just like the saga portrayed in "End Game." Embrace the enigma of Reputation, where each lyric transforms into a daring stroke of black and red rebellion on your lips.

Lover Era - Romantic Pink and Dreamy Blue

Paint your lips with a shade as sweet as a 'Lover' serenade, where every lyric is a love letter in pastel hues. Let your pout sing 'You Need To Calm Down' with dreamy blue, and dance through the day with a rosy 'Daylight' kiss. Because in this era, love is the trend, and your lips are the lyrics to a romantic blend!

Folklore Era - Subtle Grey Elegance

Dress your lips in shades of quiet grace, where 'Cardigan' whispers softly and 'Betty' adds a touch of mystery. Let the subtle greys tell tales of 'The Last Great American Dynasty' and paint your pout with the hues of 'Mirrorball' reflections. Because in this indie-folk fantasy, your lips are the ballads, and the subtle greys are the silent storytellers of 'Folklore's enchanting embrace.

Evermore Era - Autumnal Splendor

Swipe on the hues of 'Champagne Problems' and 'Gold Rush,' where the leaves fall in the melody of 'Evermore.' Paint your lips with the warmth of 'Coney Island' reds, the earthy depth of 'Cowboy Like Me' browns, and the glowing ember oranges of 'Happiness.' In this season of storytelling, let your lips sing the tales of 'Long Story Short' and 'Marjorie,' as every shade becomes a chapter in the autumnal symphony of evermore.

Midnights - Jewel-Toned Extravaganza

The latest addition, 'Midnights,' introduces an amalgamation of all her albums. Capture the magic of this era with lipstick shades inspired by jewel tones and deep blues. These colors reflect the cosmic themes and experimental sounds of Taylor's current musical venture. Stay "Bejeweled!"


As Taylor Swift continues to paint her musical masterpiece, let your lips join the melody with these carefully curated lipstick shades for each era. Embrace the diverse color palette inspired by Taylor's evolution, and let your makeup journey through time be a tribute to the kaleidoscope of emotions and styles that define her illustrious career.

Get 'Ready for It'! Paint your lips with the colors of Taylor Swift's iconic eras!

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